What’s Next?

Since finishing the Grand Slam, I have been asked one thing over and over again from all my friends and family: what’s next? I have to admit, a small part of my brain goes, “What do you MEAN what’s next?! Nothing! I’m tired! I’m done forever!” But then a bigger part of my brain, the part in every runner’s brain that can’t ever seem to sit still, immediately starts to feel excited for all the races I have coming up.
As I already mentioned in my weekly recap for last week, February is going to be an “off” month for me. I’m going to take it easy, not feel 100% chained to a training plan, and run for the fun of it. Lord knows my body needs it after 3 months of ultra marathons. Starting in March, I have several events lined up that will take me back into more dedicated training and racing mode:

  • 5 March – Delano 12 Hour Race. There are three categories for this race: 12 hour relay and the 12 hour solo, where awards are given based on highest mileage, and then the 50 mile race. It takes place in a park with a 1 mile loop, so it ends up being almost like a fun all day runner picnic with everyone. I’m not entire sure what I’m going to do at this one, but I know I’ll be there. If I can find a few friends I might run as a relay, though right now I’m more heavily leaning towards just signing up alone and running as much as I can/want to in the time. My two besties Kim and Colleen will be aiming for 50 miles, so I think my primary focus will be to support them and be a happy running partner when they get tired.
  • 26 March – Mckay Hollow Madness 25k trail race. A super fun, ridiculous, uber challenging trail race that is one of my favorites. It packs some serious punch into those 15 miles y’all! My goal is to PR this course, and after so much trail running this winter I think I’m going in to it really fit and ready to kill it.
  • 2 April – Oak Barrel Half Marathon. I’m so excited for this one! I missed out last year because I was too busy, but it’s a really nice event and is also where I ran my current half PR. I have a vague goal of possibly attempting a new half PR, but we will see how my March training goes. I have found that long distance running has slowed my road pace and it’s been SO long since I really hit a road half hard.
  • 10 April – Bridge Street Half Marathon. I’ll be running this one as a pacer. Excited!
  • 29 April – Grand Viduta Stage Races. Three days of trial running glory! My favorite event of the year! TRAIL RUNNER SUMMER CAMP!! I can’t wait y’all. I have so many awesome things to say about this race, but I’ll keep it short and just say that if you live in the southeast and like to run trails, you should DEFINITELY look into running this one.

Starting in March I will also be coaching for the Fleet Feet 10k Training Program, with the goal race being in May.

With Grand Viduta as the conclusion of my trail running season, I will switch focus off longer distance runs and take a break for the summer. I have been toying with the idea of attempting an Olympic distance triathlon, but I have a feeling I might need a nicer bike if I am going to do that… and I *really* don’t want to buy a bike, ha. I know for certain I will be SUPER dedicated to my strength training and am going to focus on building lots of muscle and trying to lean out a little.

So that’s what I’ll be up to these next few months. Wee! 



  1. breatherunlive · February 9, 2016

    Your schedule makes me dizzy! It’s super inspiring though. You’re amazing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mallory Runs This · February 10, 2016

    Your trail running schedule makes me jealous! Especially the Grand Viduta! Every year I want to fly down there and play too!


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