Thought Dump // Still slightly in shock that I did that y’all… 

Well, Mountain Mist is completed, the Grand Slam is over… and I’m left still feeling slightly in shock of it all. I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID IT YOU GUYS! I am proud and thankful and still recovering from the exhaustion of it all. I think I can say I survived it all without real injury (a major accomplishment in and of itself), but Mountain Mist wrecked me completely. But even though I’m creaky and tired, I’m over the moon. My heart is so full and happy from reading all of your comments on my race report, and I am bursting with gratitude. A full post on that subject is to come.

I worked out with Christy last night (first semblance of being active since Mist), and boy was it rough. I had little to no energy and even though we were doing all upper body, I was still struggling. I don’t know what it was about Mountain Mist, but it zapped me in a way that no other race has before and even several days later I’m feeling fatigued and hungry, ha! I suppose running for NINE HOURS will do that do you though. My mid-back is still aching from when I fell and busted it on a boulder, my ankles and shins are extremely sore and have limited mobility (possibly from all the slipping on ice?), I’ve got a strange, wheezy cough (my friends refer to it as the “ultra cough,” apparently it’s common?), and my calves are covered in a gross, dry rash that I suspect came from spending several hours being caked in mud and who knows what else. Nothing permanent though, and I’m sure in a few days I’ll be good as new again.
In other news, my migration to WordPress is complete! Yippee! I imported most of my tumblr posts here, not everything, but all the important stuff. So now you can look back and find most of my old race reports, posts from important life events, and other more meaningful entries that I wanted to keep around for posterity. I still need to go through and add tags and categories, but at least they’re all here now. My enthusiasm for blogging was waning over on tumblr, but now that I’m using a better platform, I feel like I’ve fallen back in love with it and have already made a big list of entries to write in my bullet journal.

That’s all I have for now. Happy Thursday!



  1. Karen · January 29, 2016

    I get that wheezy cough after long, hard races too. I always thought mine was related to my asthma, but it’s just a really long time to be breathing that hard, no wonder your lungs are tired. 🙂

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    • ultrachelsea · January 29, 2016

      It freaked me out at first but hearing how common it was made me feel better. Wheeze!


  2. mrcarlosbc · January 29, 2016

    I need to work on my WordPress more if I’m going to make this transitition permanent.
    I can absolutely believe that you did the Grand Slam and the Mountain Mist. I’ve seen you run. I know how badass you are. Congratulations.


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