What’s Been Cooking Here Lately…

Time for another round up of good stuff we’ve eaten! Yum!

One-pan cheesy chicken, broccoli, and rice – The Girl Who Ate Everything: This meal is *emoji praise hands* WE LOVE IT! There is nothing better than a quick one pan meal, and pretty much anything including cheese and rice is right up our alley. Comforting and delicious and good for our muscles, that’s pretty much what I go for when cooking these days.

Cheddar baked chicken with black beans and grilled peppers and onions: This is one of those no brainer meals that I toss together when I’m too tired and hungry to think about using a real recipe and want dinner FAST. Literally just seasoned the chicken and tossed in the oven, put some beans in a pot with olive oil and garlic, then grilled up some veggies. Easy and soooo good.

Braised white beans with rosemary: THESE BEANS Y’ALL! I LOVE THEM. I am obsessed with them. I can’t stop eating them. They’re inspired by Zoes Kitchen’s beans, and I’ve finally gotten pretty dang close if I do say so myself. I usually serve them with some meat and a vegetable for dinner (here with lemon pepper chicken cooked in our cast iron along with some brussels sprouts), and then save the leftovers beans and eat them by themselves for lunch the next day. It’s glorious.

Greek chicken with carmelized onions and feta + green onion slaw, greek chicken marinade from Kayln’s Kitchen: Yet another Zoe’s rip off. I can’t help myself! I’m obsessed with their food but not obsessed with paying for it every day, ha. The slaw is just cabbage, olive oil, red wine vinegar, feta cheese, and lots of chopped green onion plus a wee bit of salt and pepper. I gotta say, I’m kind of proud of myself for beginning to develop the skill of recreating food I eat at a restaurant at home. Still not a pro, but better than I was! Over time of learning to cook and learning about different ingredients I’ve finally gotten a better grasp on how to create certain flavors and so now I’m way better at figuring out what’s probably in stuff without relying on a recipe. High five, self!

White bean chiliHost the Toast: We had our first chilly day of the year a little bit ago so of course I had to make CHILI!! Also it’s back in the 90s now. Of course. I followed the recipe fairly closely but made a few changes, most notably I did not use a crock pot. When I’m at home I prefer simmering in my large Le Creuset, for some reason I just think it turns out better that way. This was soooOOOO good. I scooped it up with Fritos and ate the leftovers happily three days in a row for lunch.

Potato, carrot, and chick pea coconut curry: Vaguely inspired by lots of recipes I’ve read, but yet again, mostly a result of me trying to recreate my favorite Thai place’s coconut curry. Just looking at this is making me hungry, look how pretty it is!! This one takes a bit of time but the end result is so worth it. Don’t you just want to dive into that bowl and swim in the sauce? Just me? Okay…

Spicy Thai peanut noodlesCooking Classy: This one is definitely filed under PARTY IN MY MOUTH category. Only thing I changed from the recipe was to leave out the cucumber, because, ew, cucumber. Oh, I also quickly cooked the peppers and onions instead of leaving them raw. Holy crap you guys. Please make this!! I’m not really into peanuts or even peanut butter (I used to be, but then I stopped liking it just like I weirdly stopped liking avocados), but this was so nice. The sauce comes together as RICHLY flavorful but not in your face peanut-y. Definitely making this again soon.

That’s what’s been cooking here lately! What have you made that blew your mind? Have any recipes to share?


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