What’s been cooking here lately…

It’s time for another edition of WHAT’S BEEN COOKING HERE LATELY! 🙂


Baked chicken parmesean with roasted spaghetti squash (my recipe) – I LOVED THIS MEAL!!! I want to eat it again ASAP. I dipped a couple breasts in egg, then flour, then milk, then seasoned breadcrumbs. I baked those until done, then topped with marinara sauce and cheese and broiled until the cheese was nice and gooey. The squash was just coated in a small amount of oil and salt and pepper, cut in half and roasted, once it was finished I shredded it and added a little bit of butter. MMM! Simple, healthy, delicious.

Salsa chicken and rice, inspired by Iowa Girl Eats – This recipe is actually a casserole meal, but I was STARVING and didn’t want to wait for it to bake. I used the recipe as a general guideline and turned it into a kind of one pot meal. It was soooo good. Creamy chicken, rice, spicy salsa verde… What’s not to love??

Easy Korean beef, Alosha’s Kitchen – Loaded with lots of sriracha, added in some snow peas and shredded carrot, served over jasmine rice. This meal is right up my alley, easy to throw together, good for us, and ridiculously tasty.

Lemon pepper grilled chicken (my recipe) – I have been eating chicken like this a lot recently, it’s so good and perfect for my lazy days when I don’t want to think too hard about dinner. I just marinate the chicken in fresh lemon juice, olive oil, lemon pepper seasoning, and garlic for a few hours. When it’s dinner time the chicken is easily tossed on the grill. I usually serve it up alongside some veggies– this time it was baked sweet potato fries and a mountain of peas.

Chicken fried rice, Alosha’s Kitchen – My love for chicken fried rice runs deep and wide. I can’t get enough of the stuff and it’s definitely a guilty pleasure when we get take out. With Melissa’s recipe, I can make it healthy at home, plus it comes together super week for a great weeknight dinner! Most importantly, it’s packed with protein and vegetable goodness. Yum.



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