Our First Home :)

I’m so excited to share these photos with y’all! From start to finish the whole home buying process was simultaneously very frustrating and very rewarding experience for us. In the beginning we were faced with numerous disappointments, which eventually lead us to the path of new construction. It was a long wait, and I wasn’t always so patient, but in the end it was 100% worth it. We LOVE our new space and I hope you guys like it too, though don’t judge me on our complete lack of furniture and decor… we’re taking our time with that stuff 🙂

One of the hardest parts of building a brand new home was choosing all of the materials. Obviously we didn’t get to see a finished product– we were just choosing based off of small swatches and example photos. Talk about nerve wracking! In the end I adore everything we chose. My favorite detail on the outside are definitely the craftsman style stacked stone columns… We had to pay extra for those, ha! Another detail I love, which you can’t really tell in the photo because of the lighting, are the dark green shutters and matching front door.

When you enter, this is what you see. We went with a super open floor plan– the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one giant room. This is something that really drew us to newer homes, as many older ones tend to have much more separated spaces.

Immediately to the left of the front door is what we are going to use as my office. Please note the impressive office furniture, lol. I’m using our old kitchen table as a desk and I have my chair on a yoga mat so I don’t scratch up the hardwoods– the eventual plan for this space involve a big floor run, a giant work table, and plenty of shelving for my artsy stuff.

Next is the kitchen, my absolute favorite space 🙂 The cabinets are definitely something people will either love or hate– I personally love the kind of unfinished look they have, and think they will balance nicely with all of our black/dark toned furniture. I also love the way they ended up pairing with the grey granite and backsplash. The island is TO DIE FOR and I love the gigantic sink. The green ladder obviously ties the entire room together 🙂

Other views of the living room/dining room areas. Like I said before, I love how open it all is and also like how the big windows give us TONS of natural light. Just outside of the dining room windows is our porch and backyard. I LOVE OUR VIEW!! The big porch is perfect for some outdoor furniture and a grill and I have a feeling it’ll become my new favorite spot once we get it all situated out there.

Just off the main area is the master bedroom. Please ignore our pathetic looking bed, it is literally just a box spring and a mattress sitting on the ground. Buying a real bed is near the top of our to do list… We are also not quite done painting this room yet, ha. My favorite thing about our room? SEPARATE WALK IN CLOSETS. I never have to look at my husband’s disorganization ever again… 😉

Next is the master bathroom, which will ALSO be painted to match the bedroom… eventually. That tub y’all, I have taken a bath every weekend since we’ve been here. Perfect for post run recovery. The toilet is in it’s own little closet, you can see the door in the corner of the second photo there. It’s nice because Scott or I can have total potty privacy without closing up the entire bathroom in the morning.

If we come back to the front door and turn to the right, you’ll come to a hallway with the three other bedrooms, the laundry room, a second full bath, and the entrance to the garage. None of that is very interesting as they are all basically empty rooms full of clutter and boxes, ha, so no photos of those spaces.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it! I am having so much fun slowly picking furniture and stuff out, especially for fun places like my office and our back porch. I have no doubt I’ll be sharing more photos of that process on here as well. Hope you all enjoyed a little peek in to our first place, if you’re ever in Alabama we have plenty of room… 🙂


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