Food, Body Image, and Treating Myself Well

Everyone knows that being out of your normal routine makes keeping healthy habits difficult. With closing on our house, packing, painting, moving, etc, Scott and I have been doing WAY more than our fair share of eating out. There have been healthy things– like delicious fresh salads from Zoe’s, but there has also been way more Taco Bell than I am willing to admit, ha!

Thanks to having a messed up eating routine and not getting as many runs in, I’ve been feeling pretty gross recently. Bloated, sluggish, and unsurprisingly, my body image hasn’t been all that great either. To put it plainly– I have felt kind of fat y’all, ha. My first impluse is, “OMG I NEED TO DIET I HAVE GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT” … But when I spend a bit more time thinking  more thoughtfully, I know that everything will fall into place and I will feel like my usual self-confident self as soon as I make more of an effort to take care of my body and my health. Now that we are getting more settled (and finally getting around to unpacking all the kitchen stuff), I’m trying to get back into the groove of feeding and fueling myself mindfully. I haven’t been doing my usual food prep, meal planning, and grocery shopping, and I gotta admit, it feels kind of hard to get back into the habit of it all.

So, with all that talk about food, here’s the kind of stuff I’ve been eating lately in efforts to not turn into a giant hamburger:

Breakfast: SMOOTHIE!


Normally this would be a green smoothie so I get a serving of veggies with every meal, but since I am two days out from a long distance race I am laying off the greens for a little bit– gotta make sure there’s no emergency poop situations on race day 😉 This one has strawberries, banana, OJ, plain greek yogurt, and coconut oil!

Morning snack: Cheerios


One of my biggest weaknesses? Cereal. I freakin’ love the stuff. Instead of depriving myself of my guilty pleasure, I just measure out a single serving and eat it as my mid-morning snack while at work (…instead of sneaking a gigantic bowl of it as a midnight snack).

Lunch: Chicken salad + a dill pickle with grilled zucchini and squash


This photo looks totally unappetizing but I promise it was tasty! I prefer easy lunches that I can throw together quickly in the morning and eat without much fuss at work. If I don’t have left overs, I usually do chicken salad + some kind of veggie. My chicken salad recipe is really simple, no frills– just chicken, a small amount of mayo, TONS of black pepper, and a dill pickle on the side because I love pickles, duh. (plus, this salty sweater can really use the extra sodium)

Afternoon snack: Luna bar


These things rock. Perfect for my afternoon sweet craving and a great pre-run snack.

Dinner: Chicken tikka masala with jasmine rice and steamed green beans


Dinner is always different for us, but if I’ve done my planning right and I’m in my usual routine, most nights it is something home made. Tonight it was this recipe from Melissa’s blog, and holy cow y’all, SO DELICIOUS, and good for us too 🙂

And there you have it, that was my day in eating. I think my taco overloaded body is thanking me right now…


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