HOME OWNERS!!! (… in 4 – 6 months)

Well y’all, it finally happened. After months upon months of searching and lots of frustration, we came to a decision. On Friday afternoon Scott and I met with a builder to sign a contract for our first home! We decided on a floor plan that we love, picked out all of the materials, and found our perfect lot. If we have a mild winter, we should be in by Early March! If we have lots of frost and rain, it could take longer, but no longer than 6 months.


Here’s us on our plot of dirt! Haha, it will make for a much better photo op when the house is actually standing. Y’all, we are so, so, SO excited. I keep wishing that it could all appear out of thin air, but alas, we will have to be patient! It feels good to know that we have been responsible and wise enough to save up the money, do the research, and make the decision on a home we know we will love and grow in for years to come.

We have been wanting a home to call our own for a very long time, and knowing that it’s right around the corner feels wonderful. 🙂


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