2015 Goals – AKA My Comeback

To anyone who’s been reading my blog regularly for the past little while, it’s kind of old news that I’ve had some set backs in the past few months. In the spring, I had just finished a series of SEVERAL amazing races— my first marathon, a legendary 25k trail race, a 43 mile stage race, several half marathons, and other short distance races too— and I was on a bit of a high. My running confidence was higher than ever and I set some big goals— I was going to take the summer easy, and then run two marathons and my first 50k in the fall and winter. Then I got sick.. and sicker… and sicker… and sicker, and well, y’all know that story. Now that I’ve had my defective bodily organ removed, I’m feeling the best I have in SO LONG and while I know the goals I set for myself aren’t going to happen exactly as planned, I’m still eager to set some new goals and get back into training.

The first marathon (7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga October) and the 50k (Dizzy Fifties 50k in November) I wanted to do aren’t going to happen, obviously— but I think I can get the training in for the second marathon I planned (Rocket City Marathon in December), so not all is lost. As for next year? I have a lot to look forward to:

  • XTERRA Monte Sano 15k, Monte Sano State Park, January – I raced this last year as my first trail race, recap here. I’d love to beat my time last year, and maybe even place in my AG again, depending on who shows up 🙂
  • Tick Ridge Trek 25k, Elkton, Tennessee, February – Last year (recap here) I COMPLETELY FAILED this trail race. It was a 15 mile race and I got completely lost on the course and ended up with only 11 miles and my very first DNF. Yeah. Failure! My only goal for this is to run the whole course this time 🙂
  • Delano 12 Hour Race, Decatur, Alabama, March – I ran this as a relay last year and our team racked up 79 miles total (recap here), about 20 miles each. It was a BLAST and I’d love to form another team and see if we can beat our number from last year.
  • Mckay Hollow Madness, Monte Sano State Park, March – This was my BIG long distance goal race last spring. I ended up getting a HORRID virus a few days before and spent the days leading up to the race barfing and pooping constantly. Needless to say, the race was a struggle, BUT I DID IT (recap here)!! I can’t wait to try it again, but healthy this time.
  • Heel and Crank Dualthlon + Bridge Street Half Marathon, Huntsville, Alabama, April – I ran the Bridge Street half last year and BOMBED!! It was a PR for my personal worst time (recap here). This year I’d love to run it again with out so much pain and suffering, and on top of that, I registered for a dualthon (3 mile run, 16 mile bike, 3 mile run) the day before! If you finish Heel and Crank and Bridgestreet within the time limits, you complete the 35.1 mile Challenge and get a special mug at the finish line in addition to the finisher’s medal. I can’t wait.
  • And finally: Grand Viduta Stage Race, Monte Sano State Park, April – 43 miles, 3 days, infinite glory. I completed this race last year as a finale to a HUGE racing season for me, and it couldn’t have been any better (recap here). I placed 1st in my age group and had the absolute time of my life. If you live ANYWHERE close to Alabama and like to run trials, very seriously consider registering for this event. It kicks major butt.

Yes, I know, that is A LOT of racing. I have 100% faith in myself— after all, I’ve done them all before (except for Heel & Crank), so I know it’s possible, right?? To some people this would seem crazy, but truth be told, in the areaI live in, running this many races (and for some people even MORE than this) is entirely normal. We have a thriving running community and just too many first class events that are impossible to pass up. I can’t wait for the start of 2015, MY BODY IS READY! (okay, maybe not… but I’m working on it.)


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