2013 Running Recap

Hey y’all, remember me? I haven’t been around much lately. Starting my new job has kept me very, very busy. It’s much more fast paced than my old position, and I’m loving every second of it. Anyway, time for me to hop on the bandwagon and post a 2013 running recap post.

Here is what my mileage looked like for the year according to Nike+ (although not entirely accurate because I usually have at least one run every two weeks or so that I go watchless on):

In the beginning of the year, I was struggling hard core with an injury. The only miles I was able to run were with a couch to 5k group I was helping to train, and even that was not advisable according to my doctor. In April, I began to pick my mileage back up and continued to do so for the entire early spring and summer, with my highest mileage month being July with a grand total of 119.1 miles (How I did that in the Alabama summer heat and humidity is beyond me. I might have been slightly deranged from long term heat exposure. Pat on the back, self, you are crazy and awesome).

In August we began marathon training, and I started having issues with my hip/lower back again (worst timing, EVER). I struggled through a few long runs, got myself back into physical therapy, and was able to modify the program enough to be well trained but also not to make my injury any worse. In December I completed my first marathon, a goal that seemed absolutely crazy in the beginning of the year. Since the marathon, I have run the lowest mileage weeks I have in a while, running short distances and not worrying about tracking pace or time with a watch. More elite runners would probably expect me to be annoyed at myself for that, but honestly I’m just enjoying some “down time” in between our major training cycles.

In summation, in 2013 I:

  • I ran a total 783.15 miles in 2013, beating last year’s total by over 200 miles
  • I ran eight 5ks, placing 3rd in my age group at two of them
  • I ran two 10k races, with a PR time in both.
  • I ran two half marathons in two weeks, with a PR time in both.
  • I ran one 15k race while suffering through re-injury, and managed to keep a smile on my face the whole time
  • Placed in my age group at three races (small competition field in each, but hey, it counts!)
  • Ran a lot of long, amazing, lonely, horrible, wonderful, depressing, joyful miles.
  • Bonded with my husband over his new-found love of running and immensely enjoyed watching him push himself to improve
  • Became the type of person that run races to celebrate major life occasions (A half marathon for my birthday? SURE! Running a marathon for our anniversary? HECK YEAH!)
  • And learned a whole lot about running, myself, and why we all love this crazy sport anyway.

It was a good year. I’m really proud of myself. As I sit here looking at all of this year’s race bibs laying out before me, I’m struck with the meaning behind every one of them; each number is a small, tangible representation of the determination, the tears, the sweat– the painful miles that sneak deep into your soul, grasping onto all of your deeply hidden negative things and forcing them out into the open, raw and exposed. The miles of hardship we continue put ourselves through, because we know that coming from that place of difficulty is an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace that will soon follow. Because the difficult parts we endure are worth it for the deep spiritual satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve accomplished something challenging. Something just happens to you when you spend a lot of time out there relying on nothing but your own two feet and the grace of God to keep you moving. There is a special kind of strength to be found in constantly confronting the harshness of your physical and mental limitations, and seeing them not as stopping points, but as challenges to take on.

we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Bring it on 2014, we’ve got big plans in store for you. 🙂


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