To all my wonderful friends,

Thank you. Thank you for the congratulatory comments and messages. Thank you for encouraging and affirming me along the way. Thank you for reading and caring about all of my ups and downs. You were all on my mind while I ran on Saturday 🙂

I have a busy couple of days ahead– today is mine and Scott’s first wedding anniversary. Also, today I start training the lady who will be taking my place at my current job. Tuesday is a celebration party with our marathon training group; and let’s not talk about all the last minute Christmas stuff that needs to happen!

A race report will be coming very soon (I’m hoping my brother in law will post his photos on facebook soon, he’s the only one who got any of us after the finish!), but for a short summary: it was incredible. It hurt. I cried, tired tears and happy tears. I felt overwhelming fatigue and overwhelming joy. My final time was 5:22, slower than I expected, but hey, not to shabby for this turtle runner’s first marathon! I can’t wait to write an overly wordy post telling you all about it. For now, here’s a picture or two:

(Photo by Gregg Gelmis of We Run Huntsville)

(Photo by my sister, Roo)


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