Tentative Early 2014 Race Calendar:




  • 15th – Rocket Run 10 Miler (Mooresville, AL; we get this race free as members of our running club, so no reason NOT to do it, really)
  • 22nd – Mckay Hollow Madness 25k Trail Run (Monte Sano State Park; our goal trail race, I’m totally terrified, they don’t call it “the madness” for nothing!)


  • 5th – Oak Barrel Half Marathon (Lynchburg, TN; missed this race last year due to injury, here’s hoping the same thing won’t happen this time!)
  • 26th – Nashville Country Music Marathon (Nashville, TN; we aren’t fully committed but are strongly leaning towards this being our spring marathon, it fits around all our other races training wise and we have family in the area.)

WHOO! I’m so pumped for 2014 now. Slow down self, we still have lots to do in 2013, like, uh, YOUR FIRST MARATHON.

Can I look forward to seeing any of you all at these races? I hope so! 🙂 Especially the the Nashville marathon– a meet up HAS to happen, y’all!


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