Thinds I need to stop doing, according to my physical therapist:

1. Stop crossing my legs while I sit. It puts strain on the muscles of my hip all day long. Instead, I should sit with my legs propped up on a little box/stool underneath my feet, to keep my knees slightly above my hips which in turn keeps my pelvis from tipping forward.

2. Speaking of tipping my pelvis forward, I need to stop doing this. ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure if I can exactly convey what this is without showing you guys, but basically I typically sit and stand and walk and run and EVERYTHING with my pelvis tipped forward– so my butt is poking up and out and my stomach comes out as well. Somehow this has just kind of become my default position. It’s is terrible for my lower back, hips, and abdominals and probably is one of the main causes of all my issues. Instead I need to work on using my lower abdominal muscles to pull my pelvis back into proper alignment– squared under me instead of tilted. This is a really tough one and I find myself needing to readjust my posture every few minutes.

Basically, this:


3. Stop sleeping on my stomach. My PT was horrified when she found out I sleep like this. Apparently this is horrible for, well, just about everything. I thought it would be as simple as just sleeping on my side, but apparently even the way I do that has issues. Because of my wide hips and small waist, my spine does not stay in a neutral position when I’m laying on my side– the huge difference between the hips and waist causes me to sink down, putting strain on the lower back. So my options are to sleep on my back, or to sleep on my side with a pillow or rolled up blanket underneath me to support my waist… which are both horrifically uncomfortable, so I haven’t been doing so great on this one. *hangs head in shame*

I’m the top one, the bottom is what it should be.

So yeah. That’s what I’m working on now. Writing it all down for the sake of documentation and in the name of progress. I often feel overwhelmed by all of the things I’m apparently doing “wrong,” but writing out like this doesn’t make it seem like so much. If only I could get the sleeping thing mastered I’d feel like I was making awesome progress. By the way, I had to readjust my posture like fifteen times while writing this.


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