Frustration Abounds

Today was a perfect day for a run. It was 56 degrees when we left the house at 5:30 am, and as the sun started to rise there was not a cloud in the sky. After suffering through 90+ temperatures and high humidity, you can imagine how excited we were.

The plan for the marathon training group today was to start at a local physical therapy office that is sponsoring our group, run for 12 miles along the marathon route, and then come back to the office for post-run chocolate milk and free physical therapy consultations for anyone who wanted them.

I’ve been having some hip issues lately that I haven’t been mentioning because for one, I thought if I was diligent with stretching and foam rolling that it would go away, and for two I was secretly hoping that if I didn’t talk about it very much that meant maybe it wasn’t really an issue. Well, all of us runners know how that tactic usually works out.

Starting off on mile one I had pain, and throughout the run it only continued to get worse and worse. By mile five I was 100% miserable. One of the coaches caught sight of me and could tell something was wrong. She kept offering to take me on a shortcut back to the starting point, but I kept being stubborn and saying, “No, I’m fine, I really want to run this.” At mile 8 she came up beside me, looked me in the eye and said, “Chelsea, this isn’t your race day. Today is not the day to push through excruciating pain. There is no reason to do this right now.”  She was right. So I swallowed my pride and hobbled back to the meeting point, feeling embarrassed and defeated.

The owner of the physical therapy office took one look at me and said that I needed to come in for treatment. After a closer inspection (and some painful poking and prodding) she determined that I have several issues going on with my hips, stemming from some major muscular and nerve problems with my SI joint, and said that if I didn’t come in extremely soon that I could pretty much kiss the marathon goodbye.

I don’t know what this means for the rest of my training– but by now I know way better than to ignore this. I’m going to set up an appointment next week and see what they have to say. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not upset and feeling kind of down on myself. But wallowing in self pity and negative thoughts isn’t going to help anything, so I’m trying my best to stay away from that.

I’m off to go enjoy my weekend and put this bad run behind me. Happy Saturday, y’all.


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