Sarah’s comment on my last post got me thinking – I have very rarely posted “progress” photos of myself on here.

I feel like it’s hard to show my progress in regular photos (I do have the typical bikini clad progress photos, but I tend to reserve showing off that much skin for mine and my husband’s eyes only– haha) because although I was overweight, I tended to carry the weight pretty well. Instead of being all in one place, like my belly, my excess pounds were pretty evenly distributed. So I didn’t really look “fat,” just… bigger over all. Wide is the best word I can come up with to describe it, haha. I don’t know– you guys tell me.

The first two rows are before I started running and exercising regularly. I was basically sedentary and was eating the diet of an olympic swimmer every day.

The third row is after– as you can see I still have a pretty bodacious lower half. I have lost a lot of fat from my middle section and upper body, and built a ton of muscle in the lower half.  I am the definition of pear shaped– small waist, but my butt, hips, and thighs cannot be tamed. (Let’s just say the song Brick House is my personal theme song.)

The last row shows the difference in my face. The first photo shows before; my face was rather round and I definitely had a little bit of a double chin going on. In the second you can see how much more defined my jaw line is now. Sometimes I’m caught off guard by how pointy my chin looks now. That’s one of the biggest things I notice every day.

So there you have it– that’s my progress! I think it’s important to note that I was happy and all smiles in the before photos, maybe not always 100% self confidence, but almost always happy. The same is true today, happy, all smiles, but much more active now (however, still rivaling the appetite of an olympic swimmer, that hasn’t changed).


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