This morning Scott, mom, and I ran the Alabama A&M XC race. It. Was. Insane! We have talked with running friends about the race a little in the weeks leading up to it, and we were told that the course was tough, but we weren’t worried about it– we’ve already run two super hilly races this year, what’s one more? And after all, it’s just a 5k!

Then we found out the finisher awards looked like (the last photo).

Hmm… maybe we should be worried after all.

It was definitely a tough course– but enjoyment was had all around! The first bit took us all over the college campus on grassy surfaces, up and down several small to medium sized hills. Then, at the beginning of the 2rd mile… Oh man. The course entered the woods and turned into a trail of soft dirt and rocks that went up a steep climb, and just. kept. going. up. For the whole last mile we climbed and climbed and climbed, finally reaching the top of the hill (mountain) and racing downhill towards to the finish line.

It was fun. I definitely felt out of my element on the grass and trails; running on soft surfaces (plus the crazy hills…) definitely slowed me down– but it was a nice break from the pavement, and I enjoyed the lack of creeks to leap through 🙂

My time: 35:16

Scott’s time: 29:30

PS that middle photo of me running is for all the people who asked why I always have such good race photos… Proof that I don’t always look so nice 😉


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