Yesterday Scott and I ran the Eurocross 5k, a small race in our area– only about 150 participants! We weren’t really sure what to expect; we had a general idea that there would be some natural obstacles (lots of hills and creeks) along a grassy course, but since we had never run the race before we were totally surprised– they sure weren’t kidding about the creeks, that’s for sure.

The course ended up being a 1k loop that the racers ran five times. The loop included: several sets of hay bales to leap over, two muddy, hip-deep creeks, and two hills. Multiply all of that stuff by five and that makes trudging through the water ten times, climbing up the hills ten times, and leaping over several hay bales (I lost count. There were at least three sets of them!). All in all it ended up being a crazy fun adventure 🙂

The creek was the most hilarious thing I think I’ve seen in a while. You have to picture it– 150+ people running through the same two creek crossings five times. There were some racers who carefully attempted to step in (and usually fell over because the mud was so soft and it was impossible to get traction), and then there were the fearless ones who just went in with a jump. On my second loop both crossings had pretty much already turned into ridiculous mud slides.

As you can see, we got pretty dirty… No PRs this time, in fact we both ended up having the slowest 5k we have ever run, but man, did we have fun while doing it!


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