Another wonderful race weekend with Scotty and our office racing team! The Cotton Row 10k is one of the biggest and most popular races in our area. It was my very first 10k race last year (I remember being TERRIFIED before the start– oh how far I’ve come) so I was excited to be challenged by the course again. I managed to shave 4 minutes off of my time and finished in 1:08:22! Pretty proud of that one. 🙂

Scott has definitely run the distance before, but this was his first official 10k race. His goal was to finish in under and hour and he made it in 58:03! I am so stinking proud of that guy. He has really taken a larger interest in running these past few months, and it’s been so cool to watch him progress so quickly. We have such a fun time planning out our goals and researching training programs and future races to do together. I totally see speed demon status in his future!!

All in all a wonderful memorial weekend. After running the 10k Scott and I volunteered in the Purity truck handing out ice cream and chocolate milk to the 5k and 1 mile racers. Later in the day we went over to my mom’s place and enjoyed the Memorial Day staples– hot dogs, hamburgers, pie, and sunshine!

How was your weekend? 🙂


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