Weekend Recappin’:

On Saturday I joined a few of my runner friends and we ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge as a team. SO MUCH FUN! We finished with an overall time of 44:20– not too shabby for four miles + stopping to eat a dozen donuts together along the way!

Sunday was an exciting day. It was the day of the goal race, the Jingle Bell 5k, for my No Boundaries group– a couch to 5k group that I had been coaching in. Throughout the training I spent most of my time with Roger and Meredith, a married couple. Roger was a long distance runner years ago, and Meredith was totally new to running. It was hot, the sun was beating down, and the route was much more hilly than they were accustomed to, but despite it all they did great. As we crossed the finish line together (ahead of their time goal!), I almost started to tear up. I felt so proud of Meredith for completing her very first 5k, proud of Roger for finishing strong with no walking breaks, and amazed as I realized that I was in their exact place just last year. What an amazing journey it has been.

Speaking of being proud of people, Scotty also joined me at the Jingle Bell 5k and got an impressive new PR. He has been struggling with some pretty serious IT band issues– and hasn’t been able to run as regularly as he would like. His doctor gave him some exercises and stretches to do, and he’s also spent a lot of time building a love hate relationship with the foam roller. He crossed the finish line somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 minutes! Which is almost a whole two minutes off of his his previous 5k PR just a few weeks ago. How is it even fair to be able to improve that quickly, even WHILE being injured?? Men! 😉

I spent a lot of time thinking about the rest of this year and my running goals. At the beginning of this year my only goal was to complete my first 10k, and reach a total of 365 miles for the year. Well… I blew both of those out of the water, running not only my first 10k but also my first half marathon, and I’m sitting pretty with somewhere in the neighborhood of 470 miles for the year as of today. The next big thing I hope to accomplish is the Oak Barrel Half Marathon, but that’s not until April of 2013. So I’m pondering. Right now I’m thinking that my plans for November and December will be to cap out my total mileage at 500 for this year, while doing less long, steady-state runs and more speed work, hill repeats, and tempo runs. Then beginning next year I will begin training for my next half marathon.

So yeah. That was my weekend. We ran. We ate. We put up our very first Christmas tree. How was yours?


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