I feel like I could just let these photos speak for themselves, but I’m going to tell you guys about my weekend anyway 🙂

I was really excited about this 5k. For three reasons:

  1. It was a Halloween themed 5k, so everyone was wearing fun costumes. COSTUMES! FUN!!
  2. Scotty ran with me. This was our first race together.
  3. This race is known for having a “fast course,” so I was determined to get a new PR.

We woke up Saturday morning to an extreme drop in temperatures– from 80 degrees one morning to 40 the next. BRRR!! (For this southern girl, anyway). We didn’t let that deter us from having an excellent race morning though. I had so much fun seeing everyone in our half training group as well as my other runner friends all dressed up. And I can’t NOT mention Scott’s hilarious costume. I almost couldn’t run with him because every time I looked his way I couldn’t help but crack up laughing. The man I love the most dressed up as the fruit I love the most– what’s not to love?

As mentioned before, I was absolutely DETERMINED to get a PR. The course was slightly hilly but nothing that really hindered speed. It felt good to push a pace that I haven’t been able to on all of my long training runs. Scott stuck with me and helped me hold the faster pace up until the last half mile, where he took off and ran his version of fast 🙂 He crossed the line in 27:40 and I crossed a minute later in 28:42! WHOO! My first official sub-30 minute 5k race. Best Running Mom left with a new PR as well, crossing the finish line in 33 minutes. I’m so proud of us 🙂

So yeah, Saturday- an exciting day with PRs all around. But we didn’t stop there! No sir! Sunday morning we woke up bright and early for our first THIRTEEN MILE RUN. I feel like that can only be said in capital letters. The run was great, and uneventful (other than the emergency poop break we had to take around mile 9), but absolutely enjoyable. I LOVE my half training group so stinking much. I am pumped about race day but will be so sad for the end of our little group.

The 13 mile run really confirmed my confidence for our upcoming race– I can absolutely do this. And I can do it strong. Race day is in two weeks. Today marks the start of our taper. I am really stinking excited. 🙂


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