Why do we run? Because it’s fun.

The owner of my local Fleet Feet sends out store news letters a couple times a week. In each letter he includes an article that he’s written on whatever running topic is on his mind at the time. This week’s topic– why do we run? I enjoyed reading it, so I thought I’d post it here too. My favorite part is in bold.

Today I have been thinking of all the reasons why we run. Why do you run? Do you run to control your weight? Because the Doctor has recommended you need to exercise? Is it because you love running shoes, I know I do. Is it to see just how far you can push yourself or see just how far you can go? While each of us have our own reasons that we run, I think it is safe to say we keep running just because it is fun. Fun, that is correct.

Why else would anyone get up long before sun up to get their workout in? Would it not be easier to just stay in bed and sleep a little longer like most people? There is just something about the peace and quiet of an early morning run. No one is on the streets, it is extremely quiet and seeing the sunrise is wonderful, and fun. What a great way to start any day. Why do we go out for a run when the rain is pouring down? It might be cold, we might get wet, our shoes soaked but we go out any way. We splash through puddles and get funny looks from passengers in their cars driving by. We battle wind and sometimes fog. There is just something about running through the mist. I like to watch low lying clouds among the mountain tops while I run, It’s an awesome sight and it is fun. We get outside and escape from the indoors. We watch from day to day as the seasons come and go. We don’t miss a thing when we go out and run each day. Even at this very moment, the leaves on the trees are changing every day, it is fun to see this happen right before your eyes.

We meet our running friends at all hours for group runs. We travel to races all over the country. We stand in long lines to pick up race packets. Breeze through crowded expo’s. Stand in long lines for port o jons. Spend our money on entry fees, hotels, airline tickets, running shoes, apparel and every known accessory available if we believe it will help our running. We do all of this because it is fun.

This weekend is the Liz Hurley 5k. There are over 6,000 people registered for this event. This event is focused on breast cancer awareness and raises a lot of money for the cause. I have participated by running and volunteering in this event for several years. Pink is the color. If you are involved with this event, you must have on something pink! Guys included. I have a new pair of pink running shoes this year, my first pair of predominately pink shoes and you would not believe the comments! This is a great cause. I watch as so many participate and when I look around mostly what I see is people running, walking and having fun. Enjoy your next run. Be thankful you are out there and remember to have fun, on every run


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