My weekend: Moving, Shopping, and 15k racing.

Phew. After all that craziness I’m ready to be in bed and asleep before 9:30 pm. One thing no one tells you about having an active life… it will give you the sleeping habits of a 70 year old woman.

To recap?

Saturday morning, the race went much better than expected. I met up with my training group bright and early for a mile long warm up before the race.

I was slightly worried about how the run would go. For one, we ran a course in the same area, up on the mountain, and I BOMBED it. For two, I didn’t poop that morning… enough said. For three, I forgot my GPS watch. Bummer.

It turned out to be a beautiful morning, even with the humidity.

I found one of the mentors in my training group and asked her to pace me, since I did not have my watch. I told her that I can normally hold around a 10:30ish pace while running longer distances on flat ground, so she told me we should aim for a 10:45 on the very hilly route ahead of us. Soon enough, WE WERE OFF.

In the white shirt and black shorts is my head half marathon training coach, JC, in the white and yellow shirt is one of my pace buddies, Ryan, then me, and in the white shirt and yellow shorts was my pacer, Cheryl. Great group of people. I couldn’t have made it through the race without them!

I ran strong up until mile 5. After hills, hills, and more hills, I was starting to get hungry and feeling like my tank was empty. I pulled out a Honey Stinger (sort of like Gu… but doesn’t make me barf) and started slowly eating it. Around 5.5 there was water, so I stopped for a few yards to gulp down a cup, and then went on– we were ahead of our goal pace, doing 10 minute miles. Mile 7 met me with a ridiculous side crap, and I slowed WAY down. Finally I saw the sign for mile 9 and knew we were almost done, so we kicked it back into high gear.

We finished right at our goal time-

9.3 miles, 1 hour and 40 minutes, 10:45 average pace. 

So yeah. Despite it not being my most ENJOYABLE run, I am definitely proud of the mental toughness I managed to have. I hate running hills with a passion, but that hasn’t kept me from practicing them. I think the hill repeats have definitely helped me because I didn’t stop to walk a single time, except for a moment to grab water at two aid stations. I can’t run and drink… I just end up spilling on my face. Maybe that’s a skill I’ll learn with more running experience 😉

After racing and cleaning myself up, Scotty and I spend the day finishing his move into our new place, shopping for and assembling furniture, finding our excellent costumes for the Halloween race we are doing next next weekend, and driving two hours to his sister’s city to see her play in a concert.

I’m pooped. Time for bed. Night y’all!


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