Firecracker 5k Recap – So close to a new PR!!

Another race with Best Running Mom! This was my first 5k race in a few months, so I was pretty excited about it– and I figured that running in the morning would be a nice break from running in the heat of the afternoon like I usually do. The course was an out and back on a greenway, so the scenery was nice and it was perfectly flat.

(Apparently keeping my tradition of always looking silly in mid-race photos)

I was surprised at how good I felt, considering my past few runs have felt really rough and were extremely slow. I managed to hold a 10:52 minute average pace for the first mile, and then slowed down each mile after that, around an 11:15 minute pace. I probably would have held the pace, and maybe even pushed it a little harder, but mom was feeling the heat, so I slowed to stay with her a few times.

Near the end of the race I knew that I was close to a PR, so I asked mom if it was okay for me to push it to the end. She said yes, and off I went! I ended up passing quite a few of the people that we had been neck in neck with the entire time, and I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty good 😉 I passed the finish line at 34:28, 12 seconds off of my personal record of 34:16!! Slightly frustrating, but if I really think about it… That first PR was a race that I did this winter, in prime running weather. The race today was in 98 degree weather, extremely humid, which has definitely slowed me down considerably. SO REALLY, this just motivates keep running through this crazy heat, because when the weather gets cool again I am almost CERTAIN that my times will go up. Right?? Haha, that’s what I’ll tell myself at least 🙂

No matter the results, I still had a great time. It was refreshing to have a good and fun run. I’ve missed that!

Happy Independence Day to all of my American followers 🙂 I’m off to a family BBQ. Have a good one, y’all!


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